World Community for Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is offered by the World Community of Christian Meditation (WA Community) in association with St George’s Cathedral Centre for Spirituality.  The host, Kevin Crombie, a prominent member of the Cathedral community, welcomes participants from 5.00pm until 5.45pm each Wednesday in St Saviour’s Chapel (under the Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel).

[The world community use of the symbol (ABOVE) of two doves perched on a chalice is inspired by the 5th century mosaic in Galla Placidia in an early Christian church in Ravenna, Italy.  The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christianity and the water symbolises death and rebirth in baptism. The birds, one looking inward and one looking outward, symbolise the active and contemplative dimension of human beings, and the harmonising of each dimension that we strive to achieve in meditation.]

Venue: The Cathedral.  For location and parking information, please click here.


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